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Major Anti-Conspiracy
Elements of Power

Saad Jawad Ghandil

According to Qods News Agency (Qodsna) a session was held titled as “The Future of Peace and Human Rights in The region” inside the conference Hall of Imam Khomeini International University. During the session Qods News Agency (Qodsna) correspondent held an exclusive interview with Saad Jawad Ghandil the Iraqi ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran and discussed the developments in Iraq and also about the new prime minister elections.


Qodsna correspondent asked: “The Hashd forces were the one of the most effective forces in the front line battles against ISIS terrorists, the experience the Hashd forces achieved in this is a very handy instrument to bring back security in Iraq for the Iraqi people, nevertheless some political movements in Iraq claim that the Hashd forces should not engage the protesters inside Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, how do you evaluate this issue?”


“The Hash force was established according to a Fatwa by the public figure and the great Marja’ Ayatollah Sistani to fight against ISIS, the force is formed by Iraqi civilians and since its establishment it has always been considered as a part of Iraq’s armed forces along with the national army and it continues to take part in their effective activities.” replied Ghandil.


He added: “The main and fundamental task of these forces is to provide assistance in the war against the terrorist group of ISIS, but they are also tasked to help the police and the military to control the urban areas of Iraq and it is their duty to engage with those protesters who seek to make nothing but chaos and insecurity and they will not give up to this task.”


Our correspondent took it further to ask about Iraq’s further domestic political conflicts and said: “Iraq’s president was tasked to introduce the new prime minister of Iran within a 28 day period of time, do you think the process will underlie more political discord about how to choose a new prime minister?”


“The constitution of Iraq authorizes Iraqi president, Barham Saleh to legally choose the prime minister from one of the most effective political parties, within 28 days, and within next few days the president will do so, but if that doesn’t happen and there are no candidates from the political parties, then the whole process might be repeated again, which I don’t suggest, and that requires all members of the parliament to participate and hold elections from candidates they introduce to elect a new prime minister.”


At the end of the interview our correspondent asked the Ambassador about some comments made by some Israeli regime officials, which claims Ayatollah Sistani’s influence in Iraq is much more dangerous to Israel even if Iran had physically declared an attack to the occupied territories.


Iraqi ambassador replied: “Ayatollah Sistani is a very public figure and highly respected by the Iraqi nation, he has always insisted on unity and has continuously called on the nation to stand against foreign influence and conspiracy, also he has played a major role in revealing threats from Israel, so it’s natural to witness that Zionist elements continue to threaten or blackmail him.”