Saturday 03 December 2022

S.D.P.N supported Iran's young players at the World Championships

The S.D.P.N while congratulating these young Iranian landlords on the support of the current oppression of Palestine and overcoming self-hatred reminiscent of the bravery of the likes of Pouria Vali and Gholamreza Takhti. Increase their commitment to courageous action by these young athletes.

Arian Gholami and Mohammad Amin Tabatabai, two Iranian representatives at the World Chess Championships, refused to compete with the Zionist regime and withdrew from the championship.


The  nation by issuing a statement praising the actions of Arian Ghulami and Mohammad Amin Tabatabaoy, Iran's grand chess champion, in refusing to compete with Zionist representatives.


The S.D.P.N statement said: Arian Gholami and Mohammad Amin Tabatabai's move to uphold the Palestinian cause and oppose the occupation of the land by the Zionist regime and be bound by Iran's national law is crucial.


The statement added that Iranian youth have shown a high chance of winning the World Championships in solo sports. However, the lowest funding goes to individual sports, with the least support, and some do not even have the support of the respective federation. But the greater the chances of these athletes becoming champions, the greater their chances of dealing with Zionist agents. A regime that has invested huge sums of money to attract athletes from all over the world to compete under the Zionist regime in international competitions, and to gain some legitimacy for itself by gaining influence in the world federations through the Zionist lobby. And to make Iran's sport somehow in trouble. Accordingly, young Iranians are competing in both the sport and political-ideological fields simultaneously, and it is clear that the political-ideological arena is a tougher field that overcomes the will and passion of the champion. The fairness of youth like Arian Gholami and Mohammad Amin Tabatabai in hard field dominated the will and recorded a great asset in their life record.


The statement added: "The greatness of the young men of Iran has come at the expense of the fact that these young men have been sent to international competitions at personal expense and have not received the least support from the Chess Federation or the Ministry of Sport." However, according to the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution Charter, which has been put forward by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, all organizations and institutions should see youth as the main capital of the country and with proper investment in youth, they should grow in different fields. And the development of the country.

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