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Developing Tensions
In The West Bank

Hussein Sheikholeslam

As clashes rise in the West Bank border with the occupied territories followed by an order from the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expand settlements in the conflict zone, Qods News Agency (Qodsna) correspondent convened an exclusive interview with Hussein Sheikholeslam, an expert of international diplomacy and regional affairs and also a former senior Iranian diplomat.


The expert said: What we are witnessing these days, is that Israel and its supporters such as the United States are losing power on daily basis and they have adopted the “Escape Forward Theory”.


He continued: “Israeli officials think of West Bank as Israel’s territory and they want to attach it to the occupied territories, this strategy is their priority and they cannot tolerate any obstacle that stops the procedure, so they have adopted the Escape Forward Theory, for them developing tensions in the West Bank is suicidal, but they take the risk, as Israel’s survival is on the grid.”


Sheikholeslam added: “Israel’s Iron Dome has failed to take out resistance missiles fired from Gaza Strip into occupied territories, from other side Hamas missiles and rockets are getting a lot more enhanced in guidance, navigation, range and warheads, these are facts that Israeli authorities are very well aware of”.


The expert concluded: “Americans and Israeli’s failed to unveil the so called peace plan Deal of Century, the international summit of Manama was a total failure for them, and indeed it was a great victory for the Resistance Movement, I am very much assure that there will be even more major victories for the Resistance. As I mentioned earlier the Israelis are doomed to adopt Escape Forward strategies.”