Thursday 02 July 2020

Iran successfully
Stepped out of the
Tanker crisis

By: A.Ruhollahzad

On Thursday the government and the judge of Gibraltar announced Iran’s tanker is set to sail off the port of the British ruled Gibraltar. Iran’s Grace I tanker was later released later that day, this was followed by an American appeal to seize the Iranian tanker, despite all US pressures the tanker permitted to sail through the Gibraltar.


The event is recognized as a major victory in faceoff with superpowers encountering Iran’s assets and interests, here are some facts you should know about since the encounter began.


  • -The target of the encounter to seize Iran’s tanker had a primary target which was to maximize pressures on Iran to stop oil exports. According to American sanctions many countries such as Europeans prefer to buy Iran’s oil on deck and off shore, that is how Iran sells most of its oil in the export market, the encounter was ordered by America to their British ally to seize the Iranian tanker so that they will force more obstacles into Iran’s oil exports.
  • -The tanker was seized on the basis of its Syrian departure port. European Union has sanctioned Syria, Iran is not part of European Union so Iran does not meet the law, but however the encounter was believed to line up US allies to follow up US interests in the region.
  • -The encounter was to test Iran’s possible response, Iran has long repeated that it will not remain passive when its interests and values are targeted, Iran repeatedly has warned against the actions.
  • -In response to the encounter Iran seized several tankers in the Persian Gulf, including British flagged Stena Impero tanker despite all the military support and escort routes provided by US and UK. All tankers violated International maritime were set to leave, but Iran kept Stena Impero inbound.
  • -US & UK did their best to create anti-Iran coalition through propaganda & controversy, the failed lining up a coalition against Iran, while many regional and global countries have bilateral interests in their diplomatic relationship with Iran.
  • -After the encounter tanker insurance tolls went high up, many other British vessels had to change flags and identity or even many avoided the area and stopped the routes from the Persian Gulf until further notice.
  • -British government attempted to cover up the whole embarrassed situation, while announcing that Iran’s Grace I tanker is set free to sail off the Gibraltar, the announcement was deep covered with lies, the announcement claimed the British government allowed Grace I to leave as Iran has provided guaranties that it will not export oil to Syria as well as Iran will also soon release the British Flagged Stena Impero tanker. Iran has strongly rejected the false claims and insisted that Iran has not provided such documents and guaranties. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman responded that: Iran will continue to support Syrian legitimate government and its people and it will transport sources of energy to the Syrian ally.
  • -The reality is that, the era of colonial ages in which the British colonize the region and country after country is over.
  • -America’s military power is no more a deterrence power as Iran strongly responded to the US-UK encounter. Since the Islamic republic came into power after the 1979 revolution, American sanctions pressured the living conditions of the Iranians, the society learned to be independent and forged a massive deterrence power against the arrogant regime of dominance (United States) and it is even getting more powerful.
  • -In conclusion every single step encountering Iran’s national interests and regional assets will be answered with decisive might and force, this means eye for eye and tanker for tanker, the strategy will continue. The encounter was a major victory for Iran and a total embarrassment for US & UK.s

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