Monday 06 April 2020

Survey on resistance

By: Hossein Ruyvaran

The trip of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to Iran highly remarkable at the current circumstance. The delegation was led by Saleh al-Arawi a deputy from Hamas political office. During their stay they met with some Iranian officials.


Currently American support to Israel has reached its high most and they intended to bring changes to current developments of the region in order to eliminate the esprit of Palestinian liberty. Before this the American policy was to control the Palestinian side through compromise policies by the PA, but currently they are trying to change the bilateral discussions into multilateral discussion and set the course in favor for Israel. In other words Americans sought Israel’s favor by adding the Saudis into the discussion and let Saudis to extract what Israel couldn’t reach as an agreement with the Palestinians, Israel’s permanent existence had always been Israel, top topic in talks.


With the beginning of Trump’s administration the task was on agenda, the Americans changed the Arab view towards Israel, and changed the Arab definitions over the brutal regime of Israel, this way they managed to bring similarities to both sides and the administration did the most to define Iran as the common threat for both the Arabs and Israelis.


The above conditions, highlight the necessity of Resistance groups’ cooperation and that’s why Hamas delegation trip to Iran makes the trip so important.


The Bahrain conference in which Trump’s aid tried to present parts of the deal of century failed, because not even the PA representatives attended the conference, this situation brought advancements for the resistance front.


It’s a top priority for all resistance groups to maintain unity and follow up a strengthened cooperation, Iran plays a major role here, the Islamic Republic is doing its most to bring order to the unity, its discussing issues between Hamas and Syrian Government, also it’s necessary to discuss strategies for bringing arms to the resistance groups in the west bank.



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