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Palestinian Universal award in
a good time and place

Awarded by the members of the Policy Council, the Palestine-Palestinian World Peace Summit was held with the presence of Syrian media in Damascus, the capital of the country.

As Reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) Referring to important achievements in the region's resistance and victories of the Syrian army, I am pleased that the announcement of the announcement of the World Palestine Prize to Syrian political and political achievements, along with the resistance of the Syrian forces, said the head of the Arab Writers' Union, Damascus, Has been.


Another important point I should mention is that all the conspiracies have been neutralized by the new equations of resistance and the Palestinian people to normalize relations with the Zionist regime and the century deal.


Khalaf Moftah, a Syrian journalist who was present at the Syrian Arab Writers' Union and the Syrian media, expressed his gratitude to the Palestinian Universal Prize initiative that Imam Khomeini was the first person to support the worship of Palestine by Imam Khamenei.


About the Palestine World Prize


The last week of November 1397 was a two-day meeting on the "Dialogue of the Unions of Writers and Publishers Supporting the Resistance and Palestine" and the details of the Palestine Universal Prize and its Secretary, as well as the chairman of the Policy Council, were introduced.


At the meeting, Meysam Neely and Tarmate Hamada were respectively nominated as chairman and secretary of the policy council, and also elected Mohsen Parviz members to the secretary and chairman of the Executive Council of the World Literary Prize. It was also decided that the prize would be held in the form of a biennial, and its secretary will be preserved for four years.


Initial idea to form the Palestine Prize


Mohsen Parviz, a Palestinian literary scholar in a conversation with the correspondent for Fars News Agency's book, said: "The initial idea for the creation of a Palestinian prize among the active writers and publishers of Iran was initially raised."


The idea came up with supporters of resistance in other countries, a number of writers, poets and publishers in other countries were invited to Iran to form a dissident meeting to establish a Palestinian literary prize.


Meysam Nilly "and" Tarmande Hamadah "chairman and secretary of the policy council


Participation of members from around the world at meetings with video conferencing

According to him, the members of the policy council were elected, in addition to the two men and slave, some of the foreign members participating in the meeting were elected as the policy council. Friends from Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq and Yemen, which, given the difficulty of the physical presence of the members of the policy council, were scheduled to be held in a way that would be held in the form of videoconference during absentee sessions that are not capable of physical presence. Participate in the meeting to get the feedback from others.


The secretary of the award stated: "I was elected as the secretary of the award by voting, so the two-year award was to be held around the issue of Resistance and Palestine." We thought that, in addition to the poetry books and the story of the child and the adult, we could hold the following prizes, which are related to short stories, single poems, single sonnets, or short poems related to the subject.


Beginning of the path with the formation of the Executive Council of the prize

Parviz remarked about the time of the first period: it is natural to have an Executive Council formed, and then, with the formation of the Executive Board, the details and the recall procedure, as well as the identification and collection of works and the group of arbitration, should be determined, in order to determine how to judge and rate the story. .


 Palestine Prize is the biennial / outlines goals

Parviz pointed out in another section that the award was two years old and explained: First we have to finalize the generalities of the subject and then collect the works and see how much time we need to judge and achieve the result, until the first period do. Though financial resources are also important. Therefore, we have approved the assistance of genuine and legal people interested in resistance throughout the world. We think this will allow you to pay the prize.


He added: "The objectives of the prize are, first, to identify the works in this area and to help translate and publish works around the world, and to thank the artists who work to protect the oppressed people who are working elsewhere and identify the talents who are interested in the field of resistance and help Publish their works around the world.


The composition of the members of the policy council and the founding staff

In the end, he said about the members of the founder and the policy council: In the founding board, there were 14 non-Iranians and the equivalent of the same number and fewer Iranian interest in the establishment, which would be informative if the secretariat was activated, but 13 were elected in the policy council. Of these, 6 are Iranians and 7 are non-Iranians.

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