Thursday 01 October 2020

How the Strategy of
Pragmatic downfall of
Israel got developed?

By: A. Ruhollahzad

13years are past since Lebanon advanced over Israel in the 33 days war, a war which was not only a victory for Lebanon but was a victory for Palestine and the entire resistance movement in the region.


The war was a green light from western countries & Arab regimes to Israeli regime to use all means possible to attack Lebanon. Israel was seeking to achieve the following:


1-To completely annihilate resistance movement infrastructure

2-To remove master minds of resistance movement such as leaders and commanders

3--Destroying resistance weapons

4-To turn the Lebanese society against Hezbollah

5-To change the battlefields from Lebanon to Syria and Iran

6-Completely destruction of Resistance in the region


As a result of the 33 days war, Israel failed to achieve any of the above goals, and the regime had to propose a ceasefire while Hezbollah was advancing in the war. Many international experts and analysts admitted that Israel lost the war and a beginning to further defeats.


Some other experts analyzed this defeat of Israel, as a beginning to the end of Israel. Israel failed in many other domestic and regional strategies. It was also a unique moment to the regime handling nearly 1 million settlers who left their houses in Northern occupied territories to southern territories. The movement started a bigger concern, it was indicating an alert to the regime officials that there is a high potential that many Israelis will evacuate the occupied lands in the next coming war.


It’s been 13 years passed since the 33 day war, Israel has lost a deterrence power against Hezbollah. On the 13th anniversary of its victory, the secretary-general of Hezbollah said: resistance managed to advance against the enemy in the 33 day war and the impact of this victory still exists over the enemy.


Israeli officials in Herzliya Summit which was held recently admitted that the resistance groups have massively advanced against Israel and according to the officials, they cannot win a war against resistance groups without international support. Recent developments especially the rise of tensions between US and Iran and the retreat of western powers from military option against Iran was a genuine example for Israelis that even this option is not going to work  for them.

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