Wednesday 15 July 2020

Nigerians demand release of prominent cleric Zakzaky

The supporters of Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky have staged several rallies across Nigeria, demanding his immediate release citing his worsening health condition.

As Reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) The protesters on Friday condemned the continued detention of ailing Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).


Social media activists released photos, shown below, of the rally held in Katsina State.


Sheikh Zakzaky, who is in his mid-60s, lost his left eyesight in a 2015 raid by security forces that left more than 300 of his followers and three of his sons dead. His wife also sustained serious wounds.


Earlier on Friday, a new photo, obtained by Press TV (seen below), showed Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife at an unidentified location.


The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), based in London, said earlier this month that the cleric’s health condition had further deteriorated, since he was reportedly poisoned in prison.


The cleric’s son, Mohammad, told Press TV on July 6 that his father was in dire need of medical treatment, as “large and dangerous quantities of lead and cadmium have been found in his blood.” He said that the

authorities intended to murder his father since they refuse to take any measures.


In 2016, Nigeria’s federal high court ordered Zakzaky’s unconditional release from jail following a trial, but the government has so far refused to set him free.


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