Saturday 19 October 2019

Exclusive: Palestinians ignited snapshots of Arab Monarchs, meanwhile Praising IRGC

Many Palestinians went to streets and fired snapshots of Arab regime monarchs.

According to Qods News Agency (Qodsna) a mob of Palestinian youth fired snapshots of Arab regime monarchs of Saudi, UAE and Bahrain in protest against the monarch’s approach to normalize relationships with Israel.


The protests took place in areas of borders where Israeli forces were seen behind the borders of Gaza strip.


The protestors loud their voice against the so called peace plan by Trump better known as the deal of century and chanted slogans against Muslim monarchs of UAE, Saudi and Bahrain who supported the plan.


The Palestinian demonstrators also chanted slogans against Bahrain International Conference which is believed to be the conference in which Trump’s administration will reveal parts of the so called peace plan.


According to the report, the demonstrators were seen praising Iran’s elite IRGC forces for their brave actions for helping Palestinian in their struggle for freedom.

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