Saturday 08 August 2020

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Iran & Palestine

By: Mehdi Shakibaee

Throughout the history of Iranian support to the Palestinian cause which started after Islamic Revolution took place in Iran, there has been many attempts to discord between the two nations, but recently these attempts have been escalated and there are things to be spoken to unveil the conspiracy theory.


Recently the social media in Iran was stormed by a post about how an anti-Iranian and anti-Shia book which was reportedly claimed to be written by a Hamas affiliate who wrote that Iranians and Shia’s are even a bigger threat than the Jews and Israelis to the Palestinians. The comments are designed to make the Iranian side think that Palestinians did not deserve all the support and the Quds Day march, and all the funds for the resistance group didn’t worth and was a total waste.


Here are some points that we have to bear in mind before proceeding to the book itself and making any conclusion:


1-There are 3 versions of the same conspiracy for 3 nations to fraud them over the status of Hamas, in Syria the propaganda refers to Hamas as an ISIS affiliate group, in Iran is introduced as an anti-Shia group and in Saudi is mentioned as an anti-Sunni group.


2-The book which is marked in Iranian social media is believed to be written by Hussein Saleh Alraqb in 2003, and it raises a question that why a book from 16 years ago is is being discussed now in the public.


3-The book was strongly criticized by Hamas officials by the time it was published, the resistance movement strongly condemned the book and announced that the book was written according to personal expressions and that it was written in a very radical biased content.


4-The Hamas affiliate identified as Hussein Saleh Alraqb, was forced to resign and step down from ministry of Endowment quickly after he was signed to the office in 2007, over uprising of objections and protests against his book.


5-Hamas envoy in Tehran has always strongly disapproved the book, saying his party members strongly reject the content of the book.


6-Hamas once again disapproved the content of the book in 2014 when the book was published as second edition and mentioned that book contents radical personal views.


7-The arena is open, any Iranian might possibly write same content against Palestinians and Hamas, and this well proves that such publications are personal views not major policies.


Publishing such materials in social media, explains how the person or the group is a mercenary social media activist from the enemy side, hired to discord between Muslims to target their unity.


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