Wednesday 03 June 2020

American Dream
to make
Iran Surrender

By: Ruhollahzad,

While Trump was in Japan he stated that he is not after a regime change in Iran, and all America wants from Iran is to make sure Iran will never have nuclear weapon, and for this America is ready to start discussions with Iran without any preconditions, based on this, Prime minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled to travel to Iran and meet Iranian officials to convince them to accept the offer and start discussions with Washington again.


This matter was later followed by many criticisms inside Iran, America as well as International communities. Inside America democrats believed Trump’s unstable decisions on Iran is making a negative impact on US reputation internationally, but Republicans supported their president’s stance on Iran Talks, saying that, the show is part of a bigger plan that makes diversions in Iran, which cracks their unity and defensive power and the outcome of the political diversion in Iran will have to choose between regime change or tolerating more economic pressure. Based on this regard there is no change in Trump’s pressure policies on Iran.


In Iran there a place of question mark whether to trust America again, as it has signed out of the former nuclear agreement known as JCPOA, or the reject the offer. In this regard we must not forget that, American anti-Iran policies have reached it most since the administration of Trump, some them are listed as below:


1-Banning Iranian officials from traveling to America

2-Applying limits to those passports which have traveled to Iran, which low grades Iran’s tourism income.

3- Signing out of the JCPOA

4-restoring the removed sanctions on Iran

5-Applying even further stronger sanctions against Iran

6-Insulting the Iranian nation by calling them Terrorists

7-Recrding the country’s IRGC inside Terrorist groups list

8-setting some 12 preconditions that ridiculed Iran

9-Mentioning Iran’s name as number one threat to the region

10-Avoiding International bank activities with Iran

11-Interupting in Iran’s domestic issues and leading chaos inside the country

12-Supporting terrorism actions against Iran’s interests

13-Supporting the MKO terrorist group that is responsible for the deaths of 20,000 Iranians

14-Providing support to terrorist activities against Iran’s interests and forces in Syria

15-Support over attacks against Iran’s interests in Iraq, Including attacks on Iran’s consulate in Basra

16-Detaining Iranian citizens inside the US

17-Seizure of Iran’s international assets and accounts

18-Attempts to pass anti-Iran bills in UN’s Security Council

19- Threats on Military invasion

20-Attempts to weaken Iran’s defense capabilities and preventing its strength

21-Creating a weapons warehouse by selling weapons to Israel and Saudi on the false basis of Iranophobia

22-Creating, founding, training and arming terrorist groups against Iran, in the region

23-Consistent support to the illegal regime of Israel, which is a threat to regional peace

24-Supporting Arab regimes that support acts of Takfiri terrorism, (Bahrain & Saudi)

25-Support to Saudi coalition’s invasion against Yemen, which seeks to establish domination over the country’s strait of Bab-al-Mandab and the red sea

26-Imposing heavy financial crisis over Iranian’s economy by applying sanctions globally

27-Transfering remaining terrorists in Iraq and Syria into Afghanistan in order to maintain insecurity on Iran’s borders.

28-Following up to bring deal of century into progress a plan which favors Israel and is against Palestinians and Islamic world’s interests.


The history has recorded even much more threats and conspiracy from Washington against the Iranian nation, by having a fair look to all, what we can conclude is that, the problem between Iran and US is not lack of dialogue but is assessed as America has never been loyal to its commitments and indeed the US is not trustworthy in Iran eyes.

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