Saturday 27 February 2021

South Africans widely participated in Quds Day, Dr Zahra Mostafawi praised the move

Dr Zahra Mostafawi praised South African citizens for their widely participation in the International Quds Day.

As reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) thousands of South African citizens in the capital city of the country, gathered in front of the municipality of Johannesburg and protested the continuous occupation of Palestine by the Israelis as well as the brutal acts of the regime against the innocent Palestinians.


The rally was crowded by many NGO’s and political parties in the country, during the rally speakers loud their voice and condemned the expansion of settlements, the injustice siege of Gaza and the child killing habits of the Israeli regime. The protestors demanded authorities to set their diplomatic relation with Israel to zero and chanted slogans.


According to the report, the protestors also demanded to name a local street after Leila Khalid’s name who is prominent national Palestinian heroine.


The rally included the citing of a message from Leila Khaled, the message urged listeners to continue the struggle against Israel.


The International Quds Day in Johannesburg ended up issuing a statement in 8 articles, as well as citing the message of Dr. Zahra Mostafawi the daughter of the late Imam Khomeini and secretary-general of the international union of NGO’s to support rightsmof the Palestinians.


The message from Zahra Mostafawi included her reference to a quote by the late Nelson Mandela a prominent South African figure who named Israel as the best example of state terrorism, she then praised the south African citizens for their hilarious participation in the event and invited them to take even more pragmatic actions in their struggle against Israel.




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