Sunday 07 March 2021

Arabs intend to
The Palestinian Issue

Monireh Nobakht

Monireh Nobakht an expert to regional and international studies, in an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency (Qodsna) praised the International Quds Day and said: “International Quds Day, is a very important day, because in this day the brutal regime of Israel maximizes attacks and brutality against Palestinian people, also the day it exposes the true faces of some Arab regimes who are hiding the reality of Palestine.”


The expert added: “Some Arab regimes are trying to harm the true face of Palestinian plight, and they use the issue more likely as a tool for their domestic political advantages, some even want totally eliminate the plight of Palestinian people, but it’s the people of Palestine who fight for their freedom they will get what they have long been fighting for.”


Deal of century indicates the end of Israel

She concluded: “Israel is facing its downfall, and there is nothing they can do about it, neither their western and Arab allies, it the right of Palestinian people to defend themselves and free heir land from the occupiers, deal of century is a plot brought up by Americans to save Israel few days longer, Quds Day is the best reaction to this plot, the day in which many muslims and human rights activists will stand for Palestine.”


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