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Signs that indicate
Deal of Century
Is doomed to fail

Dr.Emad Afrugh

Dr.Emad Afrugh an academic figure and international expert, in an exlcusive interview with Qods News Agency (Qodsna) said: Normalizing relationships with Israel from some Arab regimes is not a new thing, but its goods news indeed, because it reveals their true nature and the truth.


He add: “in my opinion, their relationship with the enemy of Islam truly reveals their nature, these Arab regimes are the same regimes who are launching airstrikes against innocent Yemeni civilians, they are also the same regimes that were founding and supporting ISIS.”

Deal of Century exposed the traitors and their intentions.


Referring to his comments to the deal of century he said: “some parties they were doubting that how could Saudi normalize relationship with Israel while they are financially aiding Hamas, but now what deal of century has revealed, those in doubt are now completely sure that Saudi’s are not taking steps in favor for Islam, but they take steps just in direction of their own favor. Although such movements harms the Islamic unity, but the good behind it, is that they have revealed their true face and their nation should take effective steps against them to bring up a pro-Palestinian government.


He reffered to the progress of the deal of century and said: “I truly believe that wherever and whenever the Israelis attempted to take total control over al-Quds, they have faced strong reactions both from inside and outside Palestine, the conspiracy of the deal of century is also doomed to fail, because the Arab regimes involved in this plan, are those who have proved their treason to Palestine.