Saturday 16 January 2021

The Attributes of
2019 Int Quds Day

M.Mahdi Taskhiri

Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri aid to secretary-general of The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in an exclusive interviews with the correspondent of Qods News Agency (Qodsna) said: “The Palestinian cause was revealed by Islamic Revolution conquest in Iran and it enabled Palestinians to push back the Zionist occupiers as well as forming up a strong resistance force.”


He added: “While failing in many arenas, America has brought up the issue of deal of the century to enable Israel to continue expanding its occupation process. They recognized al-Quds as the permanent capital of Israel, as well as recognizing the ownership of Israel over Golan Heights.”


The 2 day war indicates downfall of Israel

Taskhiri mentioned the alleged new Mideast plan by America and Said: “America has failed to summon their new Mideast plan, so they are on schedule to cooperate with their regional Arab regimes to bring the so called peace plan (deal of century) into progress but they will fail in this mission as they have failed before and resistance will continue to do its job.”


He concluded: “Once upon a time in history, Israel forced 6 Arab countries to retreat from fighting against it, but now Israel demands a ceasefire in a short time of 48 hours war against the resistance front, Palestinian resistance forces are currently so powerful that they are capable of collateral damage and its Israel that it has to end the occupation.”

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