Saturday 16 January 2021

Resistance the only way to Free al-Quds

While the last days of the Holy month of Ramadhan is spent day by day, the last Friday of the holly month is coming closer which is marked as the International Quds Day by the late founder of the Islamic republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini.

According to this sensitive situation, Qods News Agency (Qodsna) has conducted numbers of interviews with experts of the region as well as few Media directors.


General Director of al-Wefaq Arabic newspaper, Mosayeb Naeemi:

No doubt the Bahrain conference is a major plot by Americans and Zionists, where as they failed to make fracture inside the Palestinian society to convince them to give up resistance.


Kushner as the head speaker and the host player is set to unveil financial part of the so called peace plan, to invest in Gaza, where they are fighting against Hamas.


Bahrain, the most fragile US ally

Americans chose Bahrain as the host country, while they haven’t specified that which party is going to invest in Palestine (Probably Bahrain).


Palestinians need their rights back, not Investment

He reffered to the expansion of settlements which occupies more Palestinian lands and said: the deal has not specified the statehood of settlements and this is something Palestinians don’t accept. Palestinians need their rights back, such as the right of return of refugees, they don’t need investment currently.


Besieged Gaza is not optimistic to US

Gaza strip is long under heavy siege has fought its way against Zionist regime by resistance, the besieged people don’t see a good in Americans, the West bank also has had many casualties daily and in summon all Palestinians have seen enough support from Americans to Israelis that makes them truly believe that deal of century is not going to help them free.


He concluded that resistance is the only way that leads the Palestinian into a victorious path that they can claim many of their rights back, he brought the weekly March of Return rallies as an example that is capable of bringing al-Quds back to Palestine.


Mokhtar Haddad: The deal of century is a fragile Hebrew, Arab agreement

Mokhtar Haddad a senior journalist of al-Wefaq Arabic newspaper in an exclusive interview with qodsna said: the deal of century is not a deal but a scandal in which it reveals that the interests of UAE and the Saudis is in parallel line with the occupiers of al-Quds.


He continued to support over his idea that the deal of century is doomed to failure and said: today the resistance of Palestinian people against Israel has reached to a top peak that in 48 hours of recent war Israel sees no other choice but to declare ceasefire, the resistance of Palestinian people will not be convinced to surrender by false investment promises.


He concluded: “as recent developments by the pro-Zionist side that seeks to make Palestinians surrender to their rights and many other conspiracy which had been exposed to Muslim societies and Islamic countries, it is expected that this year we will witness a lot larger rallies of International Quds Day throughout the world.”


Ghaffari: UAE, Saudi paying the occupation bills

Ghasem Ghaffari, an Iranian media activist in an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency (Qodsna) said: “the deal of century is so bad that every aspect of it is revealed drop by drop, while the deal proposers are doing their work on agenda, I must say that it is the resistance of Palestinian people which rules the Palestine, this could be witnessed in the 48 hour war, in which Israel quickly initiated a ceasefire.”


The Bahrain Conference is a start to end Palestine

He continued: “The deal of century seeks to give parts of Egypt and Jordan to Palestinians so that Gaza and west bank is totally evacuated and prepared for Israel to destroy and establish more settlements in the terriotories to claim the lands of Palestine and to legalize the illegal occupation, the Bahrain conference seeks investments to the initials of this plan.”


He concluded: “The Arab regimes in the region seek to normalize their relationships with Israel so that they can last a few days longer and for this, they are paying the expenses of occupation which favors Israel.”


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