Tuesday 27 October 2020 
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2019 Quds Day, Will
Perish US. Conspiracy
Deal of Century

Salman Razavi

On the eve of the arrival of the 39th Quds day, Qods News Agency (Qodsna) has conducted multiple talks and discussions with domestic political figures and experts about the highlights and the importance of the International Quds Day, as well as discussions over the so called Deal of Century.


International Quds Day brings hopes to Palestinians for achieving their goals and aspirations/ Riyadh and Abu Dhabi seek to dim the hope lights of Palestinians/ Deal of Century possibly to be postponed.


Palestinian expert Salman Razavi discussed that this year's Quds Day will be a lot more magnificent than previous ones before, he stated: "In such situation where as the Deal of Century is a matter of discussion, we can witness that even the European countries have loud their voices that they will also cherish the International Quds Day by maximizing participations in the Quds Day. By holding International Quds Day, the event brings hopes to Palestinians for achieving their goals and aspirations and it also makes the Zionist brutal acts even more noticeable.


Further to the discussion he mentioned some hidden aspects of the Deal of Century and its connection dots to North African conflicts and said: “The deal is aimed to weaken Palestinian slogans and goals, by having a close study over the developments of Northern African states, we can simply find out that apart from Egypt who plays a very important role in the plight of Palestinian people, other countries in Northern Africa have not yet involved themselves with the Deal of Century, but in fact they can all play a major role against the Deal of Century, but yet they are handling their own political developments and conflicts.”


He continued: “on the other side of the region where UAE and Saudia Arbia are located, they can also play strong roles to avoid any agreement that is not in favor for the Palestinians, and their wealth can save many lives, but unfortunately what we witness is that they have taken the opposite way, they are normalizing their relationships with Israel and approve accordingly to Israel’s favor and flagging Palestinian’s interests.”


He concluded that, the Deal of Century is likely to be postponed, as it has not covered any solution for Palestinian refugees, the expansion of Zionist settlements and loud voices of many Islamic nations are all aspects that show signs of failure to the agreement.

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