Thursday 19 September 2019

of Listing IRGC
as Terror Group

Ahmadreza Roholazad

As Reported by Qods News Agency (Qodssna) The United States has announced that April 8 will identify the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist movement and put it on its terrorist list.


This action by the US government is in fact in conflict with international rules and regulations, and will in some way create confusion and turmoil in international relations. In Iran, a state-based system is established based on the will of the people and in an electoral structure. Whether a government, by ignoring international regulations and the dangerous consequences of interrupting international relations, wants to divide a part of a government structure into a terrorist organization and expect the cooperation from another part of it, is a measure that will undoubtedly cost Imposes heavy burdens on the international system.


The US government has already listed groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas in the list of terrorism, but it should be noted that they were considered as an organization, not a part of a government. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is part of Iran's military structure and operates under the laws of the Islamic Republic and is part of the structure of the Iranian government and not a group or organization outside the government structure. Although Lebanon's Hezbollah, as the Lebanese Foreign Minister has recently officially announced in a meeting with the Secretary of State, is part of the power structure in Lebanon, and the Hamas movement is also part of the Palestinian Authority's It comes in. Accordingly, the terrorist reading of them is illegal and unacceptable on the basis of the demands of the Zionist regime.

On the other hand, these kinds of measures, which are seen by the United States and some other western and sometimes dependent states of the region, namely, the terrorists of identifying relief movements based on the demands of Israel, actually challenge the definition of terrorism and the existence of definitions And different criteria on terrorism can aggravate and continue to threaten insecurity and not only in the West Asia region, but also in other parts of the world.


If it is acceptable that part of a military structure of a state is a terrorist, how can a US military presence in the region be defined? Currently, US troops are confessing to senior US political and military officials, as well as undeniable evidence with many terrorist groups in the region, such as the training and arms, as well as the logistical support of the US Army to the terrorist group. P. K and Sahwa forces cooperate in Syria! There is no doubt that cooperation with terrorist groups is not accepted by the international community, and international rules have blamed this type of cooperation and defined it as a terrorist act. Given that US military actions in the region and their cooperation with terrorist groups are confirmed by its political authorities, there is no doubt that the US government is a terrorist state and that the US's action to put the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorism is in fact a The terrorist act against the only true force of the region that has been successful in the fight against terrorism is to succeed and its aim is to remove it from the realm of confronting terrorism and the opportunity for terrorism at the regional level to re-create and strengthen itself.

Why the Americans are trying to terrorize the knowledge of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the eve of the anniversary of the establishment of this Iranian military and law institution should be assessed under the law of Katsa. The law passed by Ed Roose and passed by Congress and Senate in July 2017 and became the law on August 2 of that year, signed by President Donald Tramp. Katsa's law emphasizes the fight against US enemies through sanctions regimes. Accordingly, the United States has repeatedly emphasized Donald Trump, intending to push the country to a negotiating table by increasing pressure on Iran to meet its demands. Because the admission and entry into negotiation of the pressure actually means sending this message that Iran has come to the stage and ready to accept many of the demands of the United States.

The question is: Will America's goal be realized? Is this America's chosen route to increase the pressure on Iran to surrender that path and lead to a favorable outcome? And will there be a special shift in putting the Guardian in the list of terrorism? The United States has already introduced a terrorist terrorist attack by the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Guard Corps, in all its forms, and expects to see the impact of the conflict equation in the region, but regional developments are unproductive. America went. So the question is that now, with a new name for the entire IRGC on the list of terrorism, a new transformation will occur? The fact is that the Revolutionary Guards do not have much interaction with the outside world, but they have the greatest interaction and reliance on domestic capacities, and based on this lack of dependence and interaction with the outside world and the priority and reliance on the inside, which has strengthened its various dimensions. And get a lot of achievements. Basically, the military structure of Iran, including the army and the IRGC, is defined in such a way that at least the need for outside is seen. It seems that the new US action can not make any progress in limiting or slow down the IRGC's activities in various aspects of hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Analysts say the move will only increase tensions in the region and block the way for crisis resolution in the region, and will allow any action that will impose a heavy burden on global security. Accordingly, representatives of the US Congress and Senate have advised the US government to review the names of the Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorism and believe that this would seriously threaten the US interests in the region and the security of the US military. Because, as noted, if part of the legal structure of a terrorist state is defined, the possibility of counter-terrorism on the part of the government is obvious, in this case, the American military presence in the region is also defined as the number of terrorists, and any action against them is probable. . Particularly that the Iranian military is now, if not said, the only effective military force in the war on terrorism, the main force in the region is defined, and it is natural that this powerful force, which every day on the dimensions of its ability to increase in the regional geography of the region, It extends its definition of terrorists to supporters and expands the scope of the war on terrorism.

In this case, the US military and the Zionist regime will be in the number of terrorist targets. Of course, many Iranian political and military elites, as well as various Iranian social strata who have not forgotten America's crimes against Iran in a recent century, are seriously calling for a punishment of the United States and its mandate at the regional level, and in particular the Zionist regime, and this can be done in slogans like "We love the fight against Zionism" or "We say that there is shakir and disbelief, there is a struggle and there is a struggle, we are. We do not fight anyone over the city and the country. We decide to throw the flag "La Ilaha Allah" on the forefront of dignity and magnanimity. "

Iran has spent many years in preventing the transit of drugs to the West, especially Europe. If all of these costs are to be shared by Europe with the United States and Israel and passive anti-Iranian measures, why should Iran have security costs Pay europe Of course, there are still a lot of capacities available to Iran, which, if necessary, can call them to the square. The Mahdi International Army, the most powerful and influential actor in the Western Asia region, and only one of its sections, "Hashd al-Sha'b of Iraq," says Sardar Qasem Suleimani, the army of several major countries of the region, is also stronger and more powerful. Only one capacity Which is in the passion for war with the United States and Israel, and it is our duty to fulfill the slogan of raising the flag of Allah and Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) over the dominant palaces. The United States and its allies should not forget that the history of this army has been formed on the Ashura of Karbala, and its future has been drafted by the promised government of God, the Mahdi (aj), and the point of connecting this past with the future of the culture of resistance and martyrdom Which is embodied in Imam Hussein's illuminated speech in Karbala "Hayat Manna Al-Dhula".

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