Monday 13 July 2020

In fresh protest in Gaza, Israelis kill 2 Palestinians

Israeli forces have opened fire on the Palestinians protesting along the fence that separates the besieged Gaza Strip and the Israeli-occupied territories, killing two and injuring 55 others.

As Reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) Gaza’s Health Ministry announced the casualty toll on Friday. According to the ministry, medical workers in eastern Gaza also suffered from the inhalation of tear gas fired by Israeli forces.


The latest Israeli killings came in defiance of a United Nations (UN) condemnation of Israel’s use of “unlawful force” against the protesters in Gaza. Earlier on Friday, the UN’s Human Rights Council had denounced Israel’s use of “unlawful lethal and other excessive force” against unarmed Gazan protesters.


Gazans started protesting along the fence on March 30, 2018, demanding the right to return for those Palestinians driven out of their homeland by Israeli aggression and calling for a halt to Israel’s inhumane blockade of the enclave.


Israeli forces deployed to the area have used force from across the fence against the protesters, killing over 260 Palestinians and wounding at least 26,000 others, according to the latest figures released by the Gazan Health Ministry.


The clashes in Gaza reached their peak on May 14, the eve of the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day, or the Day of Catastrophe, which coincided this year with Washington’s relocation of its embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.


Gaza has been under Israeli siege since June 2007, causing a decline in living standards. Israel has launched three major wars against the enclave since 2008, killing thousands of Gazans each time and shattering the impoverished territory’s already poor infrastructure.


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