Wednesday 23 September 2020

Hariri major obstacle
behind formation of
Lebanese government

Adnan Mansour

The former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour regarding the current obstacles of the formation of the Lebanese government, mentioned Saad Hariri as the major obstacle of the formation of a new Lebanese government.


Lebanon's former foreign minister, Adnan Mansour, on the sidelines of the thirty-second international conference of Islamic Unity in a conversation with Qods News Agency (Qodsna) regarding the current obstacles of the formation of the Lebanese government, said : The problem with the formation of the Lebanese government has nothing to do with Hezbollah, the election laws, according to which the elections were held, led to a relative situation of the presence of all parties in the parliament, in this election, a number of independent representatives from the Sunni parties gained seats, this matter is related to the prime minister, not Hezbollah! As the problem of forming a government is not directly related to Lebanon's Hezbollah, the main problem is the formation of a fraction of Sunni individuals with the presence of 10 representatives representing almost 35 percent of Sunni representatives. In fact, the prime minister cannot decide on this group of 35% and will implement what he sees.


He stressed: "Indeed, I think the main problem the prime minister himself. If he is faced with internal pressure on this issue, he should point to these issues, and when he does not point out, that means there is no pressure, prime minister should be responsible and responsive to Lebanon's public opinion, since Lebanon is in the midst of many problems and a new government should be set up as soon as possible.


The former Lebanese Foreign Minister regarding the Supreme Leader's referendum proposal on the Palestinian issue said: “I have to emphasize that all Palestinians have the right to return to their homeland." In the United Nations Resolution 194 issued in 1942, the Palestinians have been granted the right to return to their territories and no one can deny them the right. Indeed, no one has the right to force the Palestinians that you don’t have the right to live in your country.”


Adnan Mansour added that "As the Supreme Leader speaks out about the right of the people of Palestine to hold a referendum, this is an accepted issue, I cannot even imagine that a single Palestinian would accept to live outside Palestine. It is a right to return to a sacred right that the Palestinian people emphasize on the realization of it, as well as the resistance movements of Palestinians struggle to emphasize the realization of this right.”


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