Sunday 20 September 2020

Islamic Elites Missing
Cooperation and
Mutual Understanding

Ali Zarei Najafdari

The Global Seminar of Unions of Pro-Moqawama and Resistance Authors and Publishers began with Dr. Velayati, speech the Secretary-General of the Islamic Awakening Assembly.


According to the Qods News Agency (Qodsna), the Global Seminar of Unions of Pro-Moqawama and Resistance Authors and Publishers began with a speech by Dr Velayati, Secretary-General of the Islamic Awakening Assembly.


Ali Zarei Najafdari, the secretary-general of the World Association of Muslim Publishers, said: "I am pleased to be among the thinkers of the Islamic world. We are faced with a serious challenge in the Muslim world, and perhaps we can say that the main problems of the Islamic world at the present is that we do not know each other's writers and publishers of the Islamic world, Muslim elites do not know each other. Not only they don’t know each other, but they neutralize each other's activities as well.


"I spoke with many Muslim publishers based on my responsibilities, and I have touched these problems closely. If you are attending international meetings, you will find that there are non-syntaxes between Western publishers. There is an overlap between them, but in contrast to the Islamic world, not only this overlap does not exist, but we also see that the activities of each other are sometimes neutralized.


The secretary-general of the Muslim Publishers 'Union noted his experiences in this regard, adding: "In the past decade, we began to think of this issue in order to get acquainted with Muslim publishers and, as a result, the first Muslim publishers' summit with guest attendees From 31 countries, which took place in the second year of the year in 1991, the World Association of Muslim Publishers. The depth of exile between publishers and writers of the Muslim world is more than we felt. At this meeting, we found that the authors and publishers themselves are keen on getting to know each other.


Zarei Najafdari, referring to three points of view on the status of the publication of the Islamic world, said: One view is that the publication of the West has so advanced that it can not be achieved. Another view is that if we move, we can reach the publication of the West once. With the investigation, we came to the conclusion that there is a third point that the Islamic world can not only move to the Western world, but also be able to move forward but has conditions.


He added: "The first condition is that we want to; otherwise, we will provide the hardware for reaching this summit." The third condition is that the intellectuals of the Muslim world and those concerned will work on the issues of the Islamic world. By complying with these criteria, we can, in addition to reaching the publication of the Western world, push ahead.


Zarei Najafdari reminded: We should now step in this direction. The sympathy that has been held today is a move in this direction that can be fooled.


In a follow up to the meeting, a representative of Yemeni resistance groups said that some Arab states do not consider Palestine as one of their own issues and priorities.


He stressed that we should always win the feeling that we are going to win, saying that the Palestinians are paying a lot of slogans by freeing up slogans.


Representative of the Yemeni resistance group said: "We stand as resistance groups in Yemen until the last drop of blood, and we will not even stop for a moment from the slogan" Death to America "and" death to Israel, "and we see clearly that thinkers and media Yemen has stepped up its activities in support of Palestine following the regime's invasion of Gaza.


"We all know that there is no difference between the United States and the United States in killing the Yemeni people," he said.


The representative of the Yemeni resistance groups said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the land of the Velayat-e faqih, acts in the way of Imam Ali, and that Shalla will succeed. Of course, in the course of resistance, we need a coherent media work that must be purposeful and wise. Although it may be possible, the enemies with propaganda will have an impact on the morale of our nations, but the victory of Shallah is ours.

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