Tuesday 27 October 2020 
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Resistance is within
Islamic Concepts

Dr. Hossein Akbari

The Global Seminar of Unions of Pro-Moqawama and Resistance Authors and Publishers began with Dr. Velayati, speech the Secretary-General of the Islamic Awakening Assembly.


According to the Qods News Agency (Qodsna), the Global Seminar of Unions of Pro-Moqawama and Resistance Authors and Publishers began with a speech by Dr Velayati, Secretary-General of the Islamic Awakening Assembly.


Dr. Hussein Akbari, head of the Center for Studies and Research of the Islamic World Assembly, and Nasser Abu Sufiar, representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, will also made their remarks in the seminar.


"The issue of Palestine is very important, but this issue is not at the top of the Islamic countries, some important Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, not only does not regard the issue of Palestine as its top priority, but seeks to eliminate it with the help of the United States and the Zionist regime." said Nasser Abu Sharif, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran.


He said: “according to the Islamic path, resistance is within Islamic lines, Zionist plot is corruption, and those who want to stand against this plot must be good servants of God and have the ability and power to take over Zionist plots.”


Hossein Akbari, head of the Center for Studies and Research at the World Islamic Awakening Assembly, said at the beginning of his speech: "We live in a situation in today's world that organizes a fundamental and serious threat from the distant past under the title of extremism against humanity, and in particular the Muslim world." At the heart of this attitude, there is an extremist and racist view of the Zionist usurper regime.


The look of prophecy based on their own particular views of the principles of the so-called believers of Israel is that they are non-existent, and this land is a holy land, and non-Jews should not exist in this territory (Palestine), because they themselves They consider the superior people and in the future the world should be under their control. According to their views, they believe the savior is about to emerge, and the formation of Israel is the introduction to this emergence.


He went on to say: "Therefore, on the basis of their citation, which they refer to in the sacred books, they believe that they have to kill others in order to guarantee their survival." Today's thinking and vision have instruments in the world that have led to their global dominance. Global media dominance. Today, the Zionist lobby in the United States has become passive of its own strategies and policies, which is clearly expressed in the remarks of all American presidents of this literature. It can be seen. They believe that in order to realize these victories, Israel must work and the main priority of US foreign policy has been the same for all time. That fundamentalist and extremist view among some of the United States leaders is based on the belief that they themselves are representatives of God and that they must work to achieve a view shared by the Zionists. The strategy of defending the interests of the usurper regime is a priority of US foreign policy and the United States itself has accepted to defend the Zionist regime. Therefore, there was a sense of thought amongst the many who, in this regard, should negotiate with the Zionist regime due to technological superiority and power, and in the negotiations, using human rights structures, we could so-called "Palestinian people's rights" be provided in a way that would look like a mirage. Species and error. Such views come from the lack of familiarity with the nature of the Zionist regime.

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