Monday 22 April 2019

Activists gathered at UN-Tehran in support of Sheikh Zakzaki

Dozens of groups of people and students gathered in front of UN missionary office in Tehran, yesterday evening (Tuesday, November 15th to protest the killings of Muslims in Nigeria.

According to Qods News Agency (Qodsna) the protesters expressed their anger over the killings of Muslims in Nigeria while holding banners showing the names and portraits of martyrs in Nigeria and chanted slogans at the UN office in Tehran.


The crowd chanted slogans of “death to America”, “death to Israel”, protesting the blood of the martyrs and the long-term captivity of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki, calling for his release from the long term captivity.


A group of Nigerian students and human rights activists also attended the gathering.


At the beginning of the gathering, Dr. Massoud Shajarah, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission of London, said: "It is my pleasure to be present among you and defend the movement of Sheikh Zakzaki.


Activists gathered at UN-Tehran in support of Sheikh Zakzaki 3


The chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission of London added: “The Islamic movement in Nigeria has at least 19 million supporters who have been recruited by Sheikh Zakzaki for about 30 years.”


He continued: “Sheikh Zakzaki is one of the most charismatic personalities in the world who has been able to invite large groups of people in the shortest possible time to the pure Mohammadi Islam. His supporters in Nigeria participated the Arabeen event in despite the bloodsheds from this year and last year.”


Shajarah said: “now it has been thousands of days since the supporters of Sheikh Zakzaki are threatened with bullets but they have not abandoned their religion and they never feared the rain of bullets posed upon them. Sheikh Zakzaki was always against any armed struggle; he has repeatedly stated that our greatest weapon is our faith and belief, because it is a righteous belief.”


The head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission of London continued with a memory from Sheikh Zakzaki and said: "I remember that Sheikh traveled to London about 10 years ago, whose supporters called for the Sheikh to speak. Sheikh addressed the scholars and the attendees and said: “God preaches his path to people by his messengers such as Jesus and Prophet Muhammad. At the time of Imam Hussein (AS), the Islamic religion was deviated and had turned into a dangerous path, Imam Hussein did not choose to fight it by cultural and academic ways but he chose to fight it with his blood and sacrifice, how many of you are ready to continue Imam Hussain’s path?”


He concluded: “Sheikh Zakzaki sacrificed himself and his children for the path of divine and right, his sister was burned to death but he did not surrender. Today's gathering is dedicated to those Nigerian Muslims who stood for Sheikh Zakzaki, your support here in Iran pacifies their suffering in their resistance.”


According to the report, students were holding tablets that have written Arabic and English slogans, and they demanded international societies to take quick actions for the rights of Nigerian Muslims.

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