Sunday 24 March 2019

Mr Trump!!!
Daggers Drawn
at Israel, Persistent

By: Mehdi Shakibaei

America wants to ban Iran's oil exports by sanctions, then why should eight countries be exempted from the embargo plan? The United States seeks to deliver a message to Iranian top officials and We Loudly announce that message; Trump will end the Yemeni war and that he will not force oil exports to zero, instead, you just have to remove the knife from Israel’s throat.


Mehdi Shakibaei:

No doubt the psycho war fare that Trump’s administration has opposed on Iranian nation to implement the nation with fear and fury, has been over escalated by Zionist propaganda with the aim to force the Iranian nation to withdraw from its revolutionary movements which has been persistent over 4 decades.


America’s insane policies against the Iranian nation must only be assessed together wi regional and global developments.


Unlike the analysis of many opposition media analysts, the American administration does not oppose sanctions and pressures of Iran with the aim of overthrowing Iran’s current political system, but they seek a change in Iran’s behavior to allow Israel to continue its life in the West Asia region. Currently America’s global hegemony is not in a position to force such strong motivated nation like Iran to surrender from its will.


Here I will refer to some elements from regional developments that prove the psychological warfare nature of US sanctions against Iran.


By studying the developments in Syria's eight years of war, Iran’s presence in Syria resulted to get as close as possible to Palestinian borders. Over the past four decades Iran supported the Palestinian cause through a distance and many other obstacles but now Iran has reached proximity to Palestine by its presence in Syria. From four decades ago Iranians chanted the call for removal of Israel a quest raised by Imam Khomeini. Now more than ever, Iran has reached its most proximate position for the destruction of Israel.


With the annihilation of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria the United States was left solo in the Syrian war, Iran's triumphant presence in Syria and near the Palestinian territories was so terrifying among the leaders of the United States and Israel that the Zionists decided to attack Iranian bases in Syria multiple times. Basically the United States also binds supports to Syria on the condition of withdrawal of Iranians from Syria.


The deliberate incident of a Russian plane crash by Israeli fighter jets over Syrian territory, which resulted in the death of 15 Russian troopers, has limited the ground for Israeli strikes against Iranian bases in Syria more than any other time. In addition the siege of terrorist groups in Adlib as Israel's proxy forces has also limited the ground for any Israeli advancement.


On the other hand, the Saudis, as another American ally in the region, have been plunged into the Yemeni war, as well as they are currently challenging an international outcry over the scandal of the murder of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoghji inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey the scandal has put the legitimacy of the Saudi regime under a question mark.


We shall not forget that the Saudis, particularly Mohammed bin Salman, were the core of US plotted political and financial pressures against Iran.

Political observers are well aware that the United States has no other choice but order Saudi Kingdom and United Arab Emirates to end the war on Yemen in less than a month.


The end of the Yemeni war from Saudi Arabia and the UAE means Iran's victory. How has the United States willing to give Iran such a big gift, while it wants to siege Iran?


Secondly: the withdrawal of Iranians from Syria as the number one enemy of Israeli regime it’s even a more Mission Impossible since the Russian military plane crash seems, therefore Washington’s only option is to hope that sanctions will work against Iran.  Washington's coordination of Netanyahu's trip to Oman should also be implemented as a bail to the US Zionist lobbies for the White House's inability to force Iran to withdraw from Syria.


A so-called superpower such as America who wants to ban Iran's oil exports by sanctions, has suddenly exempted eight countries from the embargo plan? The answer is the United States’s regional and global influence has declined and now the US seeks to deliver a message to Iranian top officials and We Loudly announce that message; Trump will end the Yemeni war and that he will not force oil exports to zero, instead, you just have to remove the knife from Israel’s throat.


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