Tuesday 22 September 2020 
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Binsalman's Role in
Deal of Century

Hossein Ruyvaran

A session title as The American-Zionist scenario for the Middle East from the Deal of Century to dual conventions was held this morning at Qods News Agency headquarters in Tehran.


As reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) a session titled as "The American-Zionist scenario for the Middle East from the Deal of Century to dual conventions" was held this morning at Qods News Agency headquarters in Tehran with the presence of Iranian Parliament members, pro-Palestinian media activists and reporters.


Ruyvaran an expert of Midde east policy and a pro-Palestinian activist started his speech by mentioning the Balfour agreement and said: “The Balfour agreement took place due to fears from Islamic awakening and upraise.”


The expert explained: “They created Israel to continue their colonialism over the region to slow down Islamic movements and revolutions. They expanded Zionist regime’s lands and gave them all necessary tools from classic weapons to nuclear weapons as well as political and financial support.”


He added: “The Islamic revolution of Iran was a climax point, before the Islamic revolution of Iran the west was thinking that Israel is capable of controlling the entire region.”


He continued: “Iran Islamic revolutionary views mentioned Palestinian issue as Islamic world's top priority issue meanwhile same conflicts were witnessed in Kashmir and elsewhere is Islamic regions but Imam Khomeini chose the Issue of Palestine is top priority for all Muslims to stablish an Islamic unity and provide an opportunity to end the occupation as soon as possible.”


Mr. Ruyvaran added: “Israel occupied Lebanon in 1982 and the resistance was able to throw out the occupation army and not only free Lebanon but the resistance turned Lebanon into front lines of the war against the Zionist regime.”


He continued: “Hussein bin Talal of Jordan was a CIA agent and he was in charge of supporting the interests of America and the Zionists, with this move the CIA was seeking to imply this message to the people of the region that the entire region is controlled by them, as well as the kings of Monarchy’s”


He said: “By the Americans order, the Saudis spent over 150 million dollars in Syria to change the regime, but resistance avoided it wining major victories in Syria and they achieved bringing back stability to the legitimate Syrian government.”


Further he explained: “Egypt’s army is in a battle in Sinai desert and its losing power over time, the deal of century means to bring back stability to the Zionist regime and guaranty its existence. While Egypt is currently suffering from financial crisis the Deal of Century forces Egypt to dedicate its Sinai desert to make a new Palestine. Saudis are ordered by the Americans to provide the financial budget necessary for making a new Palestine in Egyptian Sinai and deliver financial aids to Egypt.”


He added: “The Saudi young crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman is given a lot of tasks from Americans to suppress all the resistance movements in the region. But as Allah has promised they are doomed to fail, as resistance is advancing and today we are witnessing that in Gaza the great march of return has created a major issue for Israel that they have to answer it by military actions.”

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