Thursday 27 February 2020

Mossad is world's
Top terror brand

Javad Karimi Ghodusi

A session title as The American-Zionist scenario for the Middle East from the Deal of Century to dual conventions was held this morning at Qods News Agency headquarters in Tehran.


As reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) a session titled as "The American-Zionist scenario for the Middle East from the Deal of Century to dual conventions" was held this morning at Qods News Agency headquarters in Tehran with the presence of Iranian Parliament members, pro-Palestinian media activists and reporters.


Javad Karimi Ghodusi member of National Security and Foreign Policy of the Islamic consultative assembly, regarding the new middle east plan from the US-Zionist lobbies said: “The tyranny imperial regime of America and is Israel were planning to take over the entire region by different tools from creating monarchy regimes, supplying terrorist or even imposing sanction but they failed doing so because of the power of resistance movements which created major obstacles against this conspiracy. The resistance front advanced its operation area so much that today the Zionist regime is worried about its existence; meanwhile the resistance movement is taking it front lines closer to the occupied territories borders and puts Israel's existence into danger. I can easily claim the process of annihilating Zionist regime is 80% complete and some 20% is only left, which is processing in much faster speed phase.”


He continued: “Palestinian cause is one the oldest issues of the Middle East the region is geographically where west and east share a border line. The imperialist tyranny regime created Zionist regime to make things complicated in the region in order to advance their interests.”


He added: “In this modern age they have created unstable political groups in Palestine that not only they stand for the rights of Palestinian people but they stand for the interests of Zionists, the right of return of Palestinians was not defended as well as many other rights.”


After his remarks Mr. Ruyvaran an expert of Midde east policy and a pro-Palestinian activist started his speech by mentioning the Balfour agreement and said: “The Balfour agreement took place due to fears from Islamic awakening and upraise.”


The expert explained: “They created Israel to continue their colonialism over the region to slow down Islamic movements and revolutions. They expanded Zionist regime’s lands and gave them all necessary tools from classic weapons to nuclear weapons as well as political and financial support.”


He added: “The Islamic revolution of Iran was a climax point, before the Islamic revolution of Iran the west was thinking that Israel is capable of controlling the entire region.”


He continued: “Iran Islamic revolutionary views mentioned Palestinian issue as Islamic world's top priority issue meanwhile same conflicts were witnessed in Kashmir and elsewhere is Islamic regions but Imam Khomeini chose the Issue of Palestine is top priority for all Muslims to stablish an Islamic unity and provide an opportunity to end the occupation as soon as possible.”


Javad Karimi Ghodusi continued: “Mossad is world's first terror brand, they have convicted large numbers of terror attacks throughout the globe, and one of them is the assassination of Emad Moghnie. They have assassinated Iran’s nuclear scientists, but Iran stood against this situation and took the arena into collateral damage arena, several collateral damages were convicted in response, in one case resistance forces snapped Netanyahu’s son while he was resting in his bed to prove that they can kill him in collateral damage.”

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