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Lebanese court sentences trio to hard labor for providing intelligence to Israel

Lebanon's Military Tribunal has sentenced three Lebanese nationals to three years in prison with hard labor on charges of espionage on Hezbollah resistance movement for Israel's Mossad spy agency and collaboration with Israeli authorities.


The tribunal, chaired by Brigadier General Hussein Abdallah, issued the verdicts against Hasan Salemeh, Karam Idris and

Kamal Hasan on Tuesday after they were found guilty of providing the Israeli regime with intelligence about Hezbollah’s military arsenal and operations, and with photos of several strategic locations in Lebanon.


The court also stripped them of their rights as Lebanese citizens.


The three were arrested last October and charged with communicating information to Israel. They reportedly possessed Israeli wireless communication devices at the time of their arrest.


Two other defendants, identified as Lebanese nationals H.K. and N.Sh., were separately questioned on Tuesday after they allegedly contacted Israelis through Facebook.


On July 10, Lebanon's Military Tribunal sentenced seven Lebanese nationals in absentia to hard labor on charges of crossing

into occupied Palestinian territories, working with Israeli officials and receiving permits to live there.


Back in January last year, Lebanese security forces arrested five people over working for Mossad.


The media office of Lebanon’s General Security Directorate announced in a statement that the quintet had confessed to

passing information to Mossad via Israeli embassies in Turkey, Jordan, Britain and Nepal.


The statement stressed that the individuals were arrested following intensive monitoring of Israeli intelligence operations in the country as part of Lebanon’s activities aimed at dismantling similar networks.


It added that the two spies from Nepal were also engaged in recruiting other Nepalese workers in Lebanon.


“After their interrogation, the arrestees were referred to the competent court on the offense of collaboration with the Israeli enemy, and work is underway to arrest the rest of the people involved,” the statement pointed out.