Monday 28 September 2020

Behind Mossad’s Budget Expansion

Regional media outlets recently have been reporting from Israeli sources about a controversial budget expansion for Israel’s intelligence service known as Mossad, the question is what is behind this $2.3 billion budget expansion request?

As reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) citing from Israel’s Haaretz the Israeli media has lately reported that Israel’s intelligence service known as Mossad has requested an increment to the annual budget for 2019 as much as $2.3 billion which went viral inside and outside the occupied territories and made many annalist to refer to their pens and papers to analyze why does Mossad needs so much more financial resources in the coming year?


Haaretz reports that the Israeli Foreign Ministry's intelligence service (MOSSAD) currently has 7,000 permanent agents in the world. While operating that number of agents, Mossad is now the world's second largest spy agency after the CIA (US Spyware Service). Since "Yossi Cohen" who is Netanyahu's associate as Mossad's was appointed as head of Mossad in 2016, Mossad's budget and activities have increased sharply. Based on this, Mossad was much more developed in all sectors in recent years and its budget has increased sharply which benefited the agency to use new methods of spying and execution of various operations. In the era of the former Mossad head of Taamir Pardo, the agency was acting very cautiously and very less engaged themselves into adventurous operations.


In this regard, Zionist military analyst Zuma Dombaa said: “Although Mossad’s budget increased significantly in 2019, Mossad officials have been pushing for further increase in their budgets.”


“In the last few weeks, Mossad officials have tried to justify a request for an increase in their budget, with a widespread dissemination of their missions; political analysts began to question whether Mossad has been able to satisfy Israel as much as it’s paid? In particular, there is no institution in Israel to monitor over Mossad’s budget, and even the Knesset does not dare to open such a case.


He added that Shabak and Mossad's budget will reach 10 billion Shekels (Israeli currency) in 2019. But it seems that Mossad wants even more funding.


Where is the tip of Mossad's attention direction?

Zionist military analyst continued “Mossad’s budget expansion refers to the sudden developments which changed the region. In current context, Iran and its nuclear program is the main target of Mossad’s possible operations, Mossad also holds priorities in other countries like Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.


Essential costs

At the end of his report, he emphasized: “Mossad plans to raise funds for its agents and will need even more funding for new recruits. “They also need additional financial resources to protect their advanced technologies against cyber-attacks. Mossad also needs more funding to detect enemy spy agencies and networks in foreign countries and to assess their strengths.

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