Friday 05 June 2020

Trump’s seventh step to eliminate Palestine issue

In less than two years of Donald Trump’s presidency, he shut down PLO office in Washington, making his seventh practical dangerous step to remove the Palestinian issue.

According Qods News Agency (Qodsna) The US government officially announced the closure of the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington DC on Monday evening, denouncing that PLO avoids direct talks with Israel.


State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, issued a statement stating that Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) officials criticized a US peace plan proposal before even being informed about it and even refused to talk to the US government about its efforts to achieve peace.


According to the statement, the US government has decided to close the PLO office in Washington.


This decision was not the only practical step to eliminate the Palestinian issue. In fact, within less than two years of Trump’s presidency this is the seventh practical and dangerous step to remove the Palestinian issue.


In a nutshell, the seven dangerous steps by the United States which target two issues of "status of Jerusalem" and "Palestinian refugees" are as follows:


1. Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017

2. Deduction of $ 300 million UNRWA budget in January 2018

3. Transfer of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Qods on May 14, 2018

4. Full cut off donations to the Palestinian Authority on August 2, 2018

5. Full cut off donations to UNRWA on August 3, 2018

6. Abolition of $ 25 million annual donations to al-Qods hospitals on September 7th 2018

7. Shutting down the PLO Mission Office in Washington DC on September 10th


Regional analysts and observers believe that Trump's decisions on the Palestinian issue in recent months specially aims to implement the Deal of Century, an agreement in which al-Quds is fully dedicated to Israel as capitol and Palestinians must form a so-called sovereign state in minor neighborhoods of  Abu-Dis (Suburbs of al-Quds).

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