Monday 06 July 2020

Saudi activist charged for supporting Palestinian resistance

A Saudi court has recently raised charges against a pro-Palestinian activists, one of the allegations of this religious figure in Saudi Arabia is recognizing and supporting Izz al-Din Qasam's brigades, the charges later were faced with reactions from the Palestinian resistance groups.

As reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) Palestinian resistance groups described the plot by the Saudi court as embarrassing and shameful, especially that the activist was charged for supporting a resistance group that has long been engaged to throw out invading forces of Israel.


Various Palestinian resistance groups emphasized that support for the Palestinian resistance must be a encouraged and hailed for all Arabs, because the Palestinian resistance groups are in fact defending the Arab nation.


Meanwhile, the Riyadh Court of Cassation arrested Islamist activist Mohammad Sharif on Thursday, over allegations of recognizing and supporting the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement.


Following the list of his allegations, numerous visits by Mohammad Sharif to Gaza can be seen.


Abu Ali's military spokesman Abu Jamal said: "Supporting Palestine is an obligatory duty for Arab and Islamic countries and they should not accuse activists for supporting Palestinians and their resistance brigades."

He added: "Unfortunately, Arab regimes continue supporting Zionists and also they apply charges over those who are defending the Arab Islamic land from the occupiers.”


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