Saturday 16 February 2019

Tony Gosling: International communities must stop Israel bullying in the region

Israel is one of the most “aggressive” regimes in the world, an analyst says, adding that the international community must take concrete action to stop Tel Aviv “bullying” its neighbors.

The comments came after Israel attacked the Syrian army’s positions in the country's Quneitra province. The area is near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, were government troops are advancing on militants.


“Golan Heights is not part of Israel under international law. They call it a defense buffer zone. Well obviously it is not a defense buffer zone, it is an attack zone. They consider it part of Israel and if anyone gets even close the Golan Heights now, they want to attack them especially if those people happen to be Syrians in their own country who are trying to get rid of terrorists who are being supported by Israel and by the West,” 

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