Saturday 16 February 2019

Saudi Journalist: The need to unite with Israel against Iran

A Saudi writer, in an article emphasized the growing publicity and consolidation of Saudi-Israeli relations and urged the need to confront resistance movements under Iranian leadership's, claiming that the axis of resistance is exploiting the Palestinian issue.

According to Qods news agency (Qodsna) citing from Arabic News Agency (21), the Saudi author Daham Al-Anzi welcomed the invitation of the Israeli Knesset member Yossi Yuna from the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to visit the occupied lands and perform a speech in Knesset, like the one that Anwar Sadat He made in his visit to Israel.


Al-Anzhi, in an article published in Al-Khaleej al-Saudia newspaper said: Yes, I agree with the invitation from the Knesset, if Netanyahu wants to have a true partner for peace, he must agree with the Arab peace plan proposed by Saudi Arabia.


He continued his writing and mentioned that Netanyahu invited the young Saudi crown prince to perform a speech in Knesset, and I think Mohamed bin Salman, the peacebuilder in the region, will not hesitate to accept this invitation in such a situation because he has come to the conviction that Israel is seeking a genuine peace, Israel now believes that Saudi Arabia is a real partner for itself, which calls for regional stability and seeks to restores peace in the Middle East.


The Saudi author claimed that Islamic movements such as Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, ISIL and other groups all chanted mock up slogans about the issue of Palestine.


He added: “The enemy in common of Saudi and Israel is Iran which is an important matter to unite the Arabs and the Israelis, the Palestinian issue must be resolved. I believe that the elites in Israel have come to recognize the importance the role of Saudi Arabia, especially in the Middle East.”


The analyst added: “As Muslims we do not have any problems with Jews, as well as other nations, I have met many Israeli Jews during years I spent in Washington and we used to call each other as cousins, they are our uncles sons and they are very closer to us than the Persians and the Turks.”


Al-Anzi added, “The destiny of Mohammad bin Salman is to restores peace and security in the region, he is capable of confronting the political threats facing Saudi Arabia, we seek a calm Middle East. I recommend the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Saudi Arabia and the mutual opening of the Saudi Embassy in West Jerusalem.”


At the end of his article, al-Anzhi said: “I am confident that many Saudis will be happy with the journey of the Crown Prince to Israel, I am very happy that during many years in many articles and television interviews from Saudi Arabia As the creators of peace, there is no hostility with Israel and its "people," I am proud to be the first ambassador of my country to Israel and to fly the flag of Saudi Arabia, as well as the flag of Israel in Riyadh. We live in peace and kindness, Netanyahu, if you really want peace, then act now.”


Undoubtedly, one of the most important goals of normalizing the relations of some Arab regimes with Tel Aviv regime is to pursue some western values in the region, and on this basis, this will be achieved with the encouragement and cooperation of the West. In other words, what is called normalization with Tel Aviv is not to be evaluated except for the strengthening of the link between the Arabs and the West, and the proximity to Tel Aviv will be a durable guarantee for some Arab regimes to gain Western support.

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