Saturday 23 February 2019

Referendum is a
democratic Strategy
to end Israel

By: Qodsna

In a meeting with a group of university elites supreme leader Seyed Ali Khamenei introduced Referendum as Iran’s suggestion for solution to the long lasting Palestinian cause and mentioned that the referendum solution is compatible with International human rights. The referendum suggestion from the supreme leader was mentioned from 18 years ago and during this years he had been mentioning this solution several times, but some analysts from inside and outside Iran regardless of the history of the suggestion have been claiming that Iran is retreating from its Palestine quest because of the new developments in the region and it is somehow a new strategy from Iran because of its failure supporting Palestine.


Some other so-called Middle East analysts seek to reflect the referendum suggestion of the leader as a step back from Iran’s regional policies as Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal.


These analysts have also been trying to connect the dots to Syria and claim that Iran is somehow retreating from Syria, because Russia is no longer backing the resistance groups but cooperating with Israelis, further more they have been writing same stories about Iran’s support to Yemeni revolution claiming that Iran is set to discuss with EU over Yemen.


In fact this is considered to be psychological warfare to maintain crisis over Iran, that Iran’s current situation in international societies is becoming so critical and unstable that Iran is preparing to retreat from its former policies over Palestine.


Leader’s suggestion over referendum solution also turned out viral in social networks and made many people to believe that Iran is making fundamental changes to its regional policies over pressures applied by Trump.


From other hand, some governmental departments and media outlets did not cover a correct reflection from the suggestion, so that supreme leader had to step forward himself in the prayers of Eid-Al Fitr and added that Referendum suggestion itself is actually the best way to bring an end to Israel.


In conclusion the 18 year old referendum suggestion by supreme leader is not only a step back because of the current pressures on Iran opposed by American president and some regional developments, but it’s a step forward to satisfy international societies that the Palestinian cause has a democratic solution rather than American peace plans. The peace plan does not end Israeli occupation but the referendum suggestion does.


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