Sunday 07 March 2021

Secret meeting held between Mossad & Arab intelligence chiefs

The secret meeting was reportedly hosted by Jared Kushner, the senior adviser to US President Donald Trump.

The intelligence heads of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are said to have attended the meeting. The US administration is pushing to finalize a controversial “peace” plan that deprives Palestinians of their rights.


As regional political analysts have been claiming, the meeting was held to free Israel from resistance forces which will open up a way to make the "Deal of Century" operational.


As reported by PressTV the meeting was hosted by Jerad Kushner a senior advisor and son in law to the US president Donal Trump. last month US President claimed that he will introduce a peace plan for Palestinian Cause and refered to the "Deal of Centuy", but however he stepped back from his claims a weak after and said that the peace plan was postponed to further information.

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