Sunday 20 September 2020

Palestine Referendum
Will End Colonial Era

Amir Khojasteh

Amir Khojasteh, a parliament member as representative of Hamedan province and chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Iran and Palestine in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in an interview with the parliamentary correspondent of Qods News Agency (Qodsna) made his commentaries on recent remarks by the Supreme Leader about Iran’s solution for Palestinian issue which is to convene a referendum among  Palestinians, claiming that the issue of al-Quds is part of Islamic  faith, but Zionists seek to seize Jerusalem with the support of the Americans, and Judaize the holly city.


The MP added: The Palestine nation is long under oppression, the Supreme Leader has illuminated a road map for Palestinian freedom. The only way to save the Palestinian people is through resistance.


He added: "Supreme Leader recently raised a quest to convene a referendum, in which people's votes will decide the future of Palestine, and is not in contrast with international policies because this is the actual democracy and is literally acceptable in international societies.


He continued: “from the other hand the Americans, are seeking to achieve what is known as “Deal of Century”. They plan to come up with an argument with some Arab regimes to bring an end to the Palestinian issue. The plan of the century is a colonial and very dangerous scenario indeed, but the Supreme Leader long before raised the quest of Referendum to avoid “Deal of Century”.


He then addressed the decision makers in western societies and said: “If you are really for human rights, then establish a referendum in Palestine and let them decide for their future.”


In the end he marked that referendum is the only democratic peaceful solution to the plight of the Palestinians, it means respecting Palestinian’s decision and it will bring an end to colonial era.



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