Wednesday 03 March 2021

Final Judgement

By: Michael Colins Piper

Ironically the author of the book Final Judgement, Michael Colins Piper supposedly died alone in a hotel on June 1 2015 Inciodentally he was forced stay in a Hotel after his house mysteriously “burnt down”.


According to Gordon Duff of Veterens Today I believe Piper was likely murdered.  Moreover, I also believe his heart condition was induced as well.  I believe this for reasons, reasons like Michael Hastings and John Wheeler and John O’Neill and Serena Shim and Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb and Roland Carnaby.It is best to assume Piper was murdered.  He was a target, he was living in a hotel in Idaho, he had been living in a cabin but it was “accidentally” burned down.  This put him in a hotel where his body could be conveniently found.


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