Monday 20 May 2019

Iran, West final Station
encounter over

By: Mehdi Shakibayi

1st Mike Pompeo in a speech in Heritage foundation which was later described as a silly speech on Iran by Washington Post issued 12 conditions for Iran in order to reach an agreement with Iran. Not only none of the 12 demands have the possibility to be accepted but from other hand Pompeo is seeking to put Iran into a regional and global isolation, to some extent to eliminate the nature of the Islamic Revolution.


2nd An Arab analyst Abdel Bari Atwan chief editor and analyst of Rai al-Youm news media wrote the best analysis out of Pompeo’s speech and mentioned that the 12 American demands from Iran can simply be categorized into four major categories: 1- to terminate Iran’s missile movements and annihilate Iran’s missile treasuries 2- to stop Iran’s financial aid to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq 3- to avoid Iran’s presence in regional conflicts, priory Palestine and other zones such as Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. 4- To evacuate Iranian military forces out of Syria. There seems to be no sign of US concerns over the nuclear activities of Islamic Republic of Iran, in fact America’s exit from Iranian Nuclear deal was a prevarication for White House officials to maintain more important goals which they were cutting Iran’s hands from providing support to regional freedom and resistance movements such as Palestine. In fact American foreign policy was long after this strategy since the creation of Islamic Republic of Iran but they never dared to make it public, but since other parallel strategies failed to stop Iran from its fundamental foreign policy which is to support the oppressed.


3rd Imam Khomeini truly believed in Islamic Unity for the improvements of Islamic World. He believed that Islamic Unity is a religious faith and also a social political capability. From this point of view Imam Khomeini had a preference on Islamic Unity over cross border conflicts; in this regard he introduced Palestinian plight to his nation and other nations and believed that both Palestinian people and Islamic world have different responsibilities.


4th The Islamic Revolution of Iran has so far spent 40 years of its life supporting the oppressed people of the region and has long stood against the tyranny regimes.  In this regard American officials who are actually seeking America’s global dominance are doing their best to eliminate this morality of Iran, this fact is visually noticeable all over the 12 demands of Pompeo from Iran.


Iranian officials now have to either choose resistance or surrender for a nation that have long been influenced with revolutionary moralities based on regards to the improvements of Islamic World. Americans have stepped foots in all arena’s to encounter Iran.  It’s important for us to remember that Iran is not the Iran of the early 80s with many lacks from the Imposed war with Iraq, neither America is as well reinforced with allies as 40 years ago.

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