Tuesday 02 March 2021 
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Zimbabwe reiterates support for Palestine

Zimbabwean government has reiterated its support for a sovereign Palestinian state against an onslaught the country is facing from Israel with the support of the Americans.

Speaking after meeting Ambassador of the State of Palestine Taghrid Senouar, Acting Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said nomatter how many massacres and abuses are perpetrated against the State of Palestine it shall emerge victorious in the end.


“Despite American president Donald Trump and Israel going against the whole world, Zimbabwe is behind Palestine, the UN Security Council resolution is clear. We support the just cause and won’t betray them, we went through repression of some sort at one time,” he said.


Ambassador Khaya Moyo said Zimbabwe is grateful for the support from Palestine in health and agriculture despite the difficulties the country has gone through.


Ambassador Senouar said she had discussed bilateral relations within the minister while commending Zimbabwe for its support against the occupation of Israel.


“Palestine is in a grave situation under the occupation of Gaza,” she said.


Tensions have been heightened between Israel and the State of Palestine with Israel claiming Jerusalem is its capital.


The United States has supported this move but it is not internationally recognised.


The UN voted against the move with 128 countries in support while only nine voted for the move on December 21, 2017.

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