Monday 25 March 2019

Iranian Analysts: US-led Syrian attacks was meant to evoke Iran

While US, UK and French attack on Syria is world’s most discussed topic, Iranian analysts mention new perspectives of the move, which is less discussed.

Iran’s rising influence in Syria has long been drawing attentions of Saudi Arabia and Israel in the region followed by their concerns of the heads of the two regimes, this was even more comprehensive when Saudi’s crown prince recognized the statehood of Israeli regime, and introduced Iran as Israel and Saudi’s common enemy.


Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman, by traveling to US, UK and France discussed these concerns to the coalition officials and demanded a mentioned a new Middle East plan which provides more Saudi infiltration in the region.


Accordingly, the main purpose of this attack is to remove Iran and allied forces from Syria and the whole region, and to limit Iran’s power to its domestic geography, so that the West does not face any resistance to redefine its regional domination and to define a new regional order which will be Saudi Arabia and Israel. By evoking Iran from Syria, the current affairs of Saudi Arabia will be substantially strengthened in Lebanon, and the pressure on Hezbollah will increase, and the issue of the disarmament of Hezbollah in Lebanon will be pursued in new dimensions. The strategy further continues to erase Palestine from the priority issues, Iran will practically lose its influence in the region finally by Trump’s al-Quds decision and it will open a way to end up the Saudi Yemeni war. This is the point behind John Bolton's speech on Saturday that said Syria is a shadow, and Iran is the main target.


Iran’s supreme leader brave remarks was just the opposite point of the plan, in his speech right after the attacks he said that Iran will always stay with Syria and It’s people because Syria is the deep national security point for Iran.

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