Saturday 16 February 2019

“Wounded Olives” announced in Fajr Festival opening ceremony

10 short films introduced as “wounded Olives” were announced in International Fajr Festival 2018 opening ceremony in Tehran.

The wounded olives are a group of ten short movies which contain Islamic World materials, the movies are reported as non-competitive, and many of them contain footages of war with terrorist groups such as ISIS.


The festival aims to present a variety of western filmmaker’s perspectives to the visitors by presenting a selection of Iranian and Iraqi productions, about the Syrian crisis.


Some of the products are named as following:


1-Haunting Ghosts – Omman

A group Palestinians who were prisoned in an Israeli prison


2-Nayla & Intifadha – Palestine

A Palestinian woman’s struggle to choose between her family, freedom or love in 1987


3-The Journey – Iraq

Sarah returns to Baghdad with mysterious intents


4-The Guest – Turkey

Two Girls on their struggle to escape from Syria


5-The Poet – Germany

Saudia Arabian housewife decides to participate in a poetry competition


6-Writing on Snow – Palestine

5 Palestinians trapped in an apartment during the war in Gaza


7-Survivor – Iran

1948 in Haifa, initial days of the occupation Dr Saeed and family face occupation


8-The Rain – Syria

2014 in Homs, few survivors left behind in abandoned city of Homs

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