Wednesday 03 March 2021

Sisi meets Abbas, Libyan PM on margins of Arab summit

The meetings came as Arab leaders convened in Saudi Arabia for the 29th Arab Summit, which is scheduled to start on Sunday, with the Palestinian issue and the Libyan crisis among the topics for discussion.

Egyptian dictator Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi met late on Saturday with Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj in Damam, Saudi Arabia, on the margins of the 29th Arab summit.

During his meeting with Abbas, the Egyptian dictator stressed the urgent need for reconciliation efforts between the Palestinian factions with a view to achieving unity, Egypt’s spokesperson Bassam Rady said.


Egypt has been playing a role in mediating reconciliation efforts between Palestine’s two rival groups Hamas and Fatah. 

Abbas said during the meeting that he values Egypt's support for the Palestinian cause, adding that Egypt will continue its efforts to restore the legitimate rights to the Palestinian people.

During his meeting with Al-Sarraj and his delegation, El-Sisi called on all Libyan factions to place national security interests above any other political interests, to rebuild the institutions of the state and hold elections this year.


The meeting with Al-Sarraj comes as Egypt continues its mediation efforts between Al-Sarraj government and General Khalifa Haftar to preserve the unity and sovereignty of the Libyan state and unify the Libyan armed forces.


There was no further reports on Arab states unity to stand with Syria as an Arab legal State against the Western coalition led by the U.S. which stroke multiple targets with missiles last day.


Analysts were saying that there is a possibilty that the Heads of the Arab States in the meeting in Saudia Arabia are to set up a new anti-Syrian coalition in order to attract West's opinion to support them in their struggles.

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