Sunday 21 April 2019

Saudi’s Hobson’s choice
Admit Irans Power

By K.Mahdi

Analysts believe that with the growing influence and authority of Iran in the region and the growing domestic problems of Saudi Arabia, the new regional order or the new Middle East will form on the Iranian axis as a decisive power, and Saudi Arabia is forced to accept this fact.


Saudi’s crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman, informed about Saudi Regime and other Arab Regime’s preparation to start cooperation with Zionist regime. In an interview with Atlantic Magazine based in US he mentioned about vast various arenas of cooperation between the mentioned regimes and also mentioned the rights of statehood of Israel  emphasizing that Saudi regime truly understands that and has no objections to it adding that both Israeli’s and Palestinians have the right of living in their own homeland.


He claimed that cooperation and peace with Israel cannot be achieved because of a fundamental factor which is determining a peace process between Israeli’s and Palestinians and there is a major obstacle to this peace process and that is Iran and Iran is a common enemy to both Israel and Saudi. Further he introduced ISIS, Alqaeedah, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran as common regional threats to both Saudi and Israel.

The new strategies of Saudi regime about Israel and Palestine issue have to be surveyed according to domestic crisis of Saudi regime:


-Saudi regime is facing a large scale of sovereign crisis, because the crown prince was introduced illegally as Saudi’s future king. About 4000 members of Saudi royal family were against the decision, Muhammad Bin Salman best he can do to attract American support for his future throne.


-The crown prince, who is also appointed as the war minister of Saudi regime, is the person in charge for imposing a war against Yemen. The war had many negative impacts inside Saudi Arabia and is the major reason of financial crisis inside the regime. It’s Saudi’s first attempt in international banks to seek for a loan. Nevertheless the war made no good advantage for the kingdom and even turned out to become a weakness for the regime, the war proved that despite all the modern weapons of war, Saudi is Incapable of commanding operations and effective strategies.


-Financial crisis, poverty, tribal, sectarian and racial discriminations inside the regime has raised the voices of lots of oppositions and made a challenging situation on the ground in Saudi for a stable throne to rule the regime. The escalation of domestic crisis in many parts of the country has forced regime forces to deploy artillery shots to the besieged area of Al-Awamia.


-In regional proxy wars also the regime has faced various defeats from Iran, in Yemen war also on the ground in Lebanon, Saudi regime lost lots of its influence by arresting Lebanese Prime minister Saad Hariri. Many Lebanese people have kept their distance from Saudi influenced politicians and have a closer affiliation with those politicians who are against Saudis. While Lebanese elections will be held in coming days Saudi regime officials are a lot more concerned about their influence in Lebanon.


-Inside Syria is where else Saudi regime lost a proxy war against Iran, despite all the financial and weapons aids to insurgents of Syria, the era of insurgency in Syria is coming to its very end, from the other hand Iran’s support to Syrian government has attracted a lot of attentions by Syrian people and made Iran to become a determinant figure in the region. Saudi recognizes this as a threat to its current situation in the region meanwhile the resistance movement has become united from Iranian capital Tehran all the way to Lebanese capital Beirut.


Saudi’s domestic and regional crisis has forced them to play a role as Israel’s and America’s puppet, America seeks a new middle east in which there is no other decision maker than America. Some Arab regime puppets such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE that are not capable of playing a major role in the region have decided to become a puppet to American regional policies.


Analysts believe that according to current situation in the region a new middleast will be set up on the basis of Iranian foreign policy. The meeting of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey inside Turkey is evaluated on similar basis by many analysts. Experts recommend that all role players in the region better to turn off war machines and unite with resistance and Iran.


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