Sunday 21 April 2019

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It has been three years since Saudi Arabia initiated a war against Yemen, the Saudi coalition continues to carry out the barbaric attacks on the Yemeni people, and as a result of the continued blockade it has placed Yemen socially and economically in critical situations, while the Yemeni army and revolutionary forces continue their struggle in the war and launched several ballistic missiles with successful hit targets inside Saudi soil.


On this regard our correspondent in Beirut in an interview with Ebrahim al-Dulaimi, member of the Political Bureau of Ansarullah Movement and Director General of the Al-Masirah Network, discussed the issue as follows:


- It has been three consecutive years since Saudi’s led strikes started over Yemen, How is the situation evaluated there on the ground in Yemen?


-- The situation on the ground in this country in 3 years of war can be divided into three parts; in the first part, we have witnessed targeting of everything from trees and plants to Human beings and children, and nothing has been left untargeted. The siege targets women and children and has been preventing them from the least of a living. This is resulted from the use of international prohibited weapons produced by West and delivered to Saudi Arabia. This tragic scene has occurred in the 21st century and fully describes the critical situation of Yemeni people, which west keeps closed eyes on it.


-- The next part is the resistance and sacrifice of Yemeni people and their struggling against oppression in all fields and faces. This has increased the level of resistance in Yemeni people. And it influences both the society and the military. This overwhelming situation became epidemic throughout Yemen, they enter the scene and devote themselves and fight. The right to resist and choose independence is what it gives them supremacy to encounter the materialistic weapons of west.


-- The third part is the scandal of the international community which refused to provide support to the Yemeni people’s development; the failure proved that international laws and standards have no meaning when it’s violated by the Saudis, Americans and Zionists. All these together raise an overview of international laws that have been cited for many centuries in human societies.


- The role of resistance media in the process of this brutal assault on Yemen is highly essential. How do you think these media can confront Saudi aggression and the blockade of Yemen?


-- Resistance Media’s have a lot of responsibilities of course; the lack of media facilities and media resources somehow influenced the complete agenda. Inside Yemen some media’s are influenced by the regime and our hostiles. Most of the media in Yemen are run by the government, and some other media outlets influenced by political parties and groups such as Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. These media outlets are supporting the mercenaries, and they did nothing for national and patriotic interests.


-- The rest of media outlets were also providing wrong data, because they were full of former regime employees, who were providing biased data over the interest of the former regime, but since the annihilation of the former regime, many of them flee abroad and people had a chance of taking control of the official media outlets of the country. 

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