Sunday 21 April 2019

Lawyers drafting a bill against Trump’s illegal unilateral decision

A group Palestinian and American lawyers are working to prepare a bill to submit to Washington court to revoke Trump from his decision.

A team of lawyers in Palestine and the US are seeking to take legal steps against Donald Trump’s provocative decision on Jerusalem al-Quds. They say the decision must be revoked because of its violation against international laws.


The team of lawyers leaded by a Palestinian Ghandi Robei, aims to make a move a head of Trump’s expected trip to Israel in the middle of May.


“The first step is to explain the appeal to the residents of al-Quds and ask them to sign it for submitting it to the federal court in Washington in an attempt to halt the U.S government of undermining the international law.” Said Ghandi Robei.


Palestinians in general fear that the US support to Israel, escalates the discrimination policies of Israel which is even worse in targeting residents of al-Quds may lead to further repercussion that may harm the basic rights of the Palestinians.


The lawyers urged that Trumps decision further paves the way for Israelis enthusiastic to Judaize the city.


“They might deny our ID cards and harm us; they might evict the Arab presence all together to reduce the number of Palestinians in al-Quds to allow the increase of the Zionist Israeli of the occupation, by this the holly city of al-Quds will be entirely under occupation and the Arab Islamic presence will be negligible.”


These legal team also has sued American-Israelis citizens who were involved in the project since side settlements were reported illegal under international laws.


The case resulted in shutting down the offices of British security company G4S in Tel-Aviv.


Each and every single Palestinian citizen is suffering from the unequal US support to Israel, and from other hand the silence of the international communities has created a harsh situation for Palestinian and as the legal teams claimed, Palestinians have to look for new tools to fight the Impact of American-Israeli aggressive politics.

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