Sunday 24 March 2019

Hamas Denounces the Explosion That Targeted Palestinian PM in Gaza

Hamas condemned the explosion targeting Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Hamdallah's convoy in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning.

"We condemn the crime of targeting the convoy of Dr. Rami Hamdallah," said a Hamas statement posted on Twitter. 

The Gaza-based terrorist group also condemned the attempt to harm the security of the Gaza Strip and thwart attempts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

Hamas called on relevant authorities to open "an immediate and urgent investigation" into the circumstances of the attack and "hold the perpetrators accountable."


A roadside bomb went off as the convoy of Rami Hamdallah and intelligence chief Majed Faraj entered the Gaza Strip from Israel. Both survived unscathed, the Gaza-based Interior Ministry reported.


The top Palestinian Authority officials made the rare trip from the West Bank for the inauguration of a desalination plant. West Bank-based Palestine TV later showed footage of Hamdallah giving a speech as it was planed and broadcasted images of a jeep with windows blown out.


The incident comes amid a fragile reconciliation effort between the Fatah movement, which controls the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas.


Israel is beleived to be the only one in the region that its interests are threatened if Hamas and Fatah reach a bilateral reconciliation. Analysts believe that Israel's Mossad may be behind the bomb blast to rise tension between the two political groups.

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