Friday 14 December 2018

Iran & Pakistan to survey various fields of cooperation

Iran’s Zarif trip to Pakistan is highlighted as a very important trip, especially in the current situation of the region.

Qods News Agency (Qodsna) reports from Islamabad: Dr. Zarif’s trip to Pakistan is highlighted as one of the most important trips by many analyzers in the region, due to the current conflicted situation of the region in which Islamic world is in a desperate requirement of Islamic countries cooperation such as Iran and Pakistan.


Boundaries between the two countries are the top priority of the talks between the two countries; it’s an unfortunate situation that the boundaries have long been unsafe due to the presence of smugglers and terrorist groups which have been strengthen by foreign countries outside the region, and it has been a major role in creating a harsh situation for locals, achieving a common agreement on both sides is reported to be Zarif’s top mission in his trip to the eastern neighboring country, Pakistan.


Second major issue of discussions is reported to be new born radical takfiri terrorist groups which rise up throughout Islamic world; these newborn takfiri terrorist groups not only violated the security in Iran and Syria in past years, but have also threatened the security inside India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well.


Pakistan’s nation has an incredible potential to join takfiri groups due to the country’s large rural population, poverty, Illiteracy. Pakistan’s domestic security has been severely suffering from the overwhelming growth of radical terrorist groups.


Acquiring a bilateral agreement to act against takfiri terrorist groups is marked as a major step to bring back security not only to the boundaries of the two neighbors but it will bring back security to the Islamic world and the region.


The third significant issue of Iran’s foreign minister’s trip to Pakistan is the most considerable, which is the issue of Palestine the top priority issue of the Islamic world. Palestine is where Islamic first Qiblah was located and is currently under occupation of Zionist regime, even worse is al-Quds is threatened by many conspiracies from western societies, and unfortunately Islamic nations never did enough to encounter them.


Since Trumps presidency al-Quds and Palestine are even more at risk. America’s recognition of al-Quds as Israel’s capital was an insult to both international rules and the rights of Palestinian nation and Islamic world. This was also an experiment to the loyalty of Islamic countries to their beliefs, if Islamic nations avoid taking every step necessary to save al-Qods, the future of Mecca and Medina will be a question mark.


Iran and Pakistan cooperation will open up a new era for defending al-Quds and Palestinian people’s rights. Pakistan has a great nation with many incredible elites such Muhammad Iqbal (Iqbal Lahori) and many others which significates Pakistan as a major opinion maker. Pakistan can play a significant role in defending Palestine, especially in such a situation which America has pressured sanctions over Pakistan.

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