Thursday 13 December 2018

Sarah Silverman tweets that people should 'stand up' for Ahed Tamimi

The comedian, who is of Jewish heritage, has shared her support for Tamimi, the Palestinian teen who was jailed last year

US comedian Sarah Silverman has tweeted her support for Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teen who was jailed last year following an altercation with two Israeli soldiers.


Silverman, who is of Jewish heritage, tweeted: "Jews have to stand up even when - especially when - the wrongdoing is by Jews/the Israeli government". From her tweet she linked to an Amnesty petition urging people 'to email Israel' in protest of Ahed's detention.


Ahed's case has been drawing international attention following her arrest on December 19 last year. Last week, more than 27 high-profile US figures from the art and film industry, as well as athletes and academics, signed a petition calling for the teenager's release. Actors Danny Glover and Jesse Williams, author Angela Davis and philosopher Cornel West were among those who signed the petition.


Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, the man behind the renowned red and black print of Che Guevara, has also shown his support by designing a print of Ahed with the tagline "There is a real Wonder Woman".


Ahed was arrested after a video filmed by her mother Nariman, which showed the 17-year-old kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier, went viral. Hours before, Ahed's cousin Mohammed Tamimi, 15, had been shot in the head by the same soldier with a rubber bullet - an injury that caused him to be in a medically induced coma for 72 hours and has left him with a deformity and lasting injuries. Four days later Israeli soldiers came to the family's home at night and arrested Ahed and Nariman.


Ahed faces 12 charges, including assault, "incitement" and stone-throwing and will face a lengthy jail term if convicted. The judge presiding over the case has closed the court, meaning that diplomats, journalists and Ahed's supporters are not allowed to be present during the hearing. Ahed and Nariman appeared at the Israeli military court on Tuesday to be told that Nariman's case will be heard on March 6 and Ahed's hearing has been postponed until March 11.

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