Thursday 21 March 2019

South Africa rejects
Israel’s help
for water crisis

Rumana Akoob

Since Water crisis occurred in South Africa’s most tourists visited city Cape Town, few countries have offered plans to overcome the situation and bring water flow back to Cape Town; among them is the Zionist regime.


A number of articles have been written by Zionists telling South Africans that they might get water if they had taken help from Israel. An editorial in the Jerusalem Post earlier this week said South Africa is in no position to refuse help from Israel. Why? According to them, Israel is the “world leader in desalination, water recycling, water preservation and irrigation”.  This is not true. If Israelis have sufficient water, it’s only because they deny water rights to Palestine.


The control or destruction of Palestinian water supplies predates the 1967 war. From the Nakba [when Palestinians were expelled from their homes] in 1948, Zionists would ruin Palestinian water supplies as a way to prevent villagers returning to their homes.


Palestine’s water control was taken over officially after the illegal occupation of the West Bank in 1967, this was done under an “agreement” which stated that “the Israeli side shall transfer [water] to the Palestinian side”.


The JPost editorial says that in spite of five years of drought, Israel has not needed to resort to rationing or to raise water tariffs. But according to The Amnesty International report into the water crisis in Palestine called “Troubled Waters Palestinians denied fair access to water”, Palestinian consumption is rationed to 70 litres of water a day and in some areas 20 litres a day. Each Israeli uses almost four times the amount at 300 litres a day.


According to a recommendation by the World Health Organization each person should have access to 100 litres daily while the minimum amount recommended for emergency situations sits 20 litres a day.


The wall built by the Israeli regime is used not just to imprison Palestinians but also cut Palestinians off from water supplies. The Israeli argument is that the wall is to prevent terrorists from West Bank villages coming into Israel. The intentional denial of water access is a method to oppress the people of Palestine, and is a slow genocide.


The Western Aquifer which has the highest water quality in the region belongs to Palestine but was also seized by Israel. Palestine only receives 6% of its water.


South Africans like rest of the people in this globe believe that Israel does not see Palestinians as humans. As human rights say, access to clean water is the constitutional right of all. In their vision Israel is not trust worthy due to Human Rights violations.


South African officials so far have refused any kind of offer from Israel, saying that we can also boycott Israeli regime assistance and publish documented information to condemn and boycott Israel.


South African activists have been writing articles saying that, there are water experts from many other countries capable of offering plans to South Africa’s officials without risking a deal with a Human Right violator. The refusal of the Israeli government’s direct assistance can highlight the injustices in Israel including water-based domination of Palestinians, concluding that a boycott is particularly important on this issue.


Israel’s continued efforts by forcing South Africans into a so-called help, should be seen as what is behind the curtains? Which might be a shameless display of their disregard of human rights. Stealing water in an attempt to oppress people is nothing but a colonial strategy. The South African government has done very well in denying any kind of offer from Zionist regime. South Africa does not need the help of the colonial, apartheid state of Israel which continues to use water as a method of colonization and segregation.

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