Tuesday 22 January 2019 

Gazans Struggle to Cope with Heavy Rains as Threat of War Escalates

Dozens of makeshift houses in the Gaza Strip have been flooded since Thursday night, due to heavy rains amid an extreme cold wave hitting the region.

Rainfall has poured into houses sheltering dozens of Palestinian families in several areas across the blockaded coastal enclave.


Using fishing boats, civil defense services have managed to rescue residents from the flooded houses and move them to safe places.


Fearing the floods, dozens of Palestinian families have already left their homes in several parts of the Strip, according to Days of Palestine.


Residents of flood-prone areas vacated their homes after local authorities warned that such areas were in danger of being flooded with rainwater and sewage.


Local authorities have said that the cold spell could cause a “humanitarian disaster,” as the Strip’s war-battered infrastructure cannot not withstand heavy rainfall.


Already undeveloped as a result of Israeli 11-year blockade, Gaza’s rickety infrastructure sustained further damage during the 51-day Israeli military onslaught in July and August of 2014.


Over 2,160 Palestinians were killed – and some 11,000 injured – during the Israeli seven-week war, which was the third major Israeli offensive on Gaza in a six-year span.

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