Sunday 21 October 2018

Iran's riots,
Saudi-US plan B

Mehdi Azizi


Qodsna; Mehdi Azizi:


A new trend of developments has started for a while in the region that is led by Iran and helped enhanced the position of the anti-occupation regional resistance. The trend of developments also carries scenarios by those states which never tolerate the expansion of the anti-arrogant discourse of the Islamic Republic.


The states are well aware that the Islamic Revolutionary discourse was capable of s[reading democracy worldwide and set up barriers ahead of their regional ambitions.


They started to hinder Iran’s influence by fomenting back to back crises in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the occupied Palestine. The scenarios also aimed to provide Israel with peripheral security and have the regional states to normalize their ties with the Zionist regime.


The US-led scenarios however were fallacious in terms of the life span of the ISIS terror group that instead enhanced the grandeur of the regional resistance.


Saudi Arabia, already facing an internal collapse was then commissioned with a new scenario to spearhead a new US project against Iran in return for the perpetuity of the royal rule.


Saudi’s scenario included the Barzani project in Iraq, Hariri’s project in Lebanon and Abdulah Saleh’s project in Yemen. These however failed to change the rule of the game, hence the total failure of the US plan A.


The Plan B then was launched: hitting Iran directly, starting with the economic problems. The plan aims to turn the economic demands of the people into a scene of conflict and violence. Other goals of the plan are to have Iran to be busy with internal issues.


The plan B may be interpreted well when we remember the recent remarks by the Saudi crown prince who told the MBC channel that Saudi would try to bring the conflict right into Iran. The crown prince actually revealed a strategic approach and an open war against Iran.

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